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Welcome to Safe Space with Pastor D!

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Get ready to laugh, learn and love more of yourself as you listen to Pastor D and her panel talk about real issues. Pastor D offers fresh perspectives and nuggets of wisdom that listeners from all walks of life can incorporate into their daily lives.

Safe Space was intentionally created with you in mind! It was birthed out of an earnest desire to create a space where anyone could find refuge. 

Our mission is to create a Safe space where everyone regardless of age, status, fame, or title can become vulnerable, transparent, and truly changed. We explore the power of boundaries and the joy of bounty, all from a biblical perspective. We’re reframing conversations without apologies and diving deep into life, relationships, and finance. We’re pushing purpose, inspiring hope, tackling biases, and confronting trauma. It’s a conversation in an open space to answer tough questions to help push you forward.

It’s a place to become vulnerable, naked, and unashamed. This is your Safe Space curated to give you a voice absent of judgement.
Ways to Watch
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